July 6, 2021

I was detained at a GEO Group facility for more than 2 years.

We’re asking some incredible organizations across the corporate accountability movement to tell you about their campaigns targeting corporations on this year’s Corporate Hall of Shame ballot. The message below is from Jose Tapete, who faced medical and physical abuse while detained at a GEO Group facility and now works with The Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice, and Freedom for Immigrants.

For over two years I was detained in the Adelanto Detention facility owned by the for-profit company GEO Group. My friends and cellmates are still facing anxiety attacks, rashes, nightmares, and a number of medical impacts due to their inhumane treatment and retaliation for attempting to speak out.

To make matters worse, a few months after I finally won my release, an individual I met while inside passed away 3 days after GEO discharged him to the hospital.

The fact is, to call it torture is an understatement in my view. GEO Group has profited hundreds of millions of dollars and the company rakes in billions globally. They are morally corrupt and take advantage of an immigration system that still heavily relies on detaining and criminalizing immigrants.

Last year, while detained, I spoke out about their abuses and conditions inside. I spoke to reporters, I called a number of organizations and GEO constantly harassed, threatened, and attempted to intimidate me. They couldn’t stop me. I decided I would do whatever it takes to expose them.

I worked with the Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice and Freedom for Immigrants to expose the use of chemicals that poison immigrants that were detained. We not only filed a complaint, but the story received national coverage, led to congressional hearings, and an independent EPA investigation that confirmed they have been poisoning immigrants for 10 years.

Since its founding, GEO Group has detained immigrants for profit. Now, the pressure is mounting. Their stocks have plummeted and the lawsuits are piling up.

I am working hard to expose their inhumanities and mistreatment and now that I’ve been released I want to tell my story and inform others about GEO’s shameful tactics.

Help us expose the GEO Group and challenge their standing. Vote for GEO in the corporate hall of shame and help us build the campaign to shut down their operations across the country.

To vote for GEO Group as the worst corporation follow this link.



El hecho es que, desde mi punto de vista, llamarlo tortura es un eufemismo. GEO Group se ha beneficiado de cientos de millones de dólares y la empresa vale miles de millones a nivel mundial. Son moralmente corruptos y se aprovechan de un sistema de inmigración que todavía depende en gran medida de detener y criminalizar a los inmigrantes.

VOTE por GEO Group en el Corporativo de la Vergüenza.

Desde su fundación, GEO ha encarcelado a inmigrantes con fines de lucro. Ahora, la presión aumenta. Sus acciones se han desplomado y las demandas se están acumulando.

Estoy trabajando duro para exponer sus abusos y malos tratos y ahora que me han liberado quiero contar mi historia e informar a otros sobre las tácticas horribles de GEO.

Ayúdanos a exponer a GEO Group Corporation. Vote por GEO en el corporativo de la vergüenza y ayúdenos a construir la campaña para cerrar sus operaciones en todo el país.

Para votar por GEO Group como la peor corporación sigue este enlace.

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