October 30, 2021

Infrastructure for people: Ending corporate influence on key legislation

The U.S. infrastructure bill has been an important issue for our campaigns this year. And although the plan still has a long road ahead, we are excited to report that we played a key role in ensuring that the bill does not include any provisions for water privatization!

Over the summer, we and our allies met with elected officials and organized thousands of people to reject water privatization in the bill. You took action and joined us in demanding your Senators reject the false notion that water privatization is a “solution” to maintain our public water systems – and it worked.

To be clear, the U.S. government must do more to advance water justice and equitably address the climate crisis. Still, we are celebrating this victory and applauding the tremendous effort by allies and people like you in making this milestone possible.

Your steadfast support enables us to engage in the kind of grassroots organizing that helps protect public water access worldwide. I hope you feel proud of this victory while we, together, look ahead to the greater changes we must secure.

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