April 24, 2023

Join the movement to hold Big Tobacco accountable for its abuses

Every year, millions of people die from the tobacco epidemic. In addition to the profound emotional, physical, and spiritual costs of these crises, countries are paying trillions of dollars globally to address the harms caused by Big Tobacco.

So why are we paying — with our taxes, our health, our lives, and the planet — to sustain such a deadly industry? And why are our governments being forced to pay trillions of dollars to address this entirely preventable epidemic?

The short answer: the political and economic power of Big Tobacco. The industry wields power to ensure shareholders get wealthy while harming the rest of us.

We can no longer afford to allow Big Tobacco to destroy lives and harm the planet to rake in billions of dollars. And we can no longer afford to let this industry continue its decades-long attempts to deceive the public.

And right now, we’ve got a chance to do something about it. Next week is Philip Morris International’s annual shareholders’ meeting. And we’re using the moment to take these demands directly to executives so they can’t be ignored. Will you add your voice to this call and sign the petition?

Holding deadly industries like the tobacco industry liable is a powerful and feasible way for governments to unlock billions of dollars to address crises like the tobacco epidemic and provide justice to those who have been harmed.

The cost of the tobacco epidemic on people and the planet is staggering, heartbreaking, and entirely preventable. And it falls disproportionately on people and communities in the Global South. More specifically, Indigenous communities, low-income communities in Global South countries, young people, and women bear these costs more than others.

We can’t let this continue. As we head to the Philip Morris International shareholders’ meeting next week, take a moment to add your name to the demands.

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