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An important update on the U.N. tobacco control talks, and what you can do to move the campaign to make Big Tobacco pay forward.

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Brazil is one of the top tobacco growing countries in the world. The costs are high for people's health and the environment.

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The better funded and more connected our movements are, the more impact we will all have. Learn more about the Movement Solidarity Fund.

Senior Latin America Policy Organizer Daniel Dorado speaking on Article 19.

Learn more about Article 19's lifesaving potential and recommendations for Parties to advance implementation at COP10. 

Together, we can help protect the negotiations from industry influence. Learn steps that parties can before and during COP10 and MOP3. 

De acuerdo con el tema de este Día Mundial Sin Tabaco, "necesitamos comida, no tabaco", un nuevo análisis de Corporate Accountability examina los costos adicionales de la producción de tabaco. Entre sus hallazgos, el cultivo de tabaco desvía suficiente tierra para alimentar a 40.000 personas en un solo mercado importante para esta industria mortal.

In keeping with the World No Tobacco Day’s theme, “we need food, not tobacco,” a new Corporate Accountability analysis examines the further costs of tobacco production. Among its findings, tobacco cultivation diverts enough land to feed 40,000 people in but one major market for the deadly industry.

En honor al Día Mundial sin Tabaco, hemos publicado un nuevo análisis sobre el impacto que los productos mortales de las grandes tabacaleras tienen en nuestros recursos y tierras; tierras que podrían destinarse a alimentos que alimentan a las personas.

In honor of World No Tobacco Day, we released new analysis on the toll that Big Tobacco’s deadly products take on our resources and land.