June 7, 2017

Join the resistance. Get trained.


On Tuesday, June 13 at 7:00 p.m. EDT, Corporate Accountability International is holding a virtual organizing training on resisting Trump’s pro-corporate infrastructure agenda.

Participants will learn how to challenge the Trump administration’s dangerous push to privatize infrastructure, including our public water systems. And they’ll connect with other activists across the country ready to challenge Trump’s corporate agenda.

Why water infrastructure?

If the Trump administration gets its way, corporations will have the red carpet rolled out for them to privatize critical pieces of our infrastructure like our water systems.

It’s a disturbing prospect because when corporations take over public water systems, people end up paying the price. Rates skyrocket, safety is undermined as corporations cut corners, and systems crumble from lack of investment. As an example, one of the biggest water corporations in the world, Veolia, had a role in both Flint and Pittsburgh — two cities in the grips of a lead crisis.

The corporate accountability action league has already made big strides in showing what people power looks like. Activists helped secure half a billion dollars to fund climate justice and helped make the People’s Climate Movement a huge success. And now, it’s time to protect public water.

Join the movement!

Join the training and become part of the movement to ensure everyone has access to clean, safe water.

See you at the training!

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