March 8, 2018

Kick Big Tobacco out of the UN!

Broken cigarett

Right now, we have a huge opportunity to kick Big Tobacco out of the United Nations (U.N.).

Since 2003, when people like you helped secure the adoption of the global tobacco treaty, Big Tobacco has worked tirelessly to undermine the treaty’s implementation. And it’s used its partnership with the International Labour Organization (ILO) as a foothold in the U.N. system to block, weaken, and undermine lifesaving tobacco control policy.

This past November, the ILO considered the idea of cutting its ties to Big Tobacco. Thanks to tens of thousands of people like you supporting the ILO, it is now poised to take bold action and kick Big Tobacco out.

The ILO will vote on March 14, and we need to make sure it cuts ties with Big Tobacco once and for all.

Urge the ILO to cut ties with Big Tobacco once and for all!

Since its last meeting, the ILO released a new report that exposes widespread labor abuse in the tobacco industry, including child labor, forced labor, and brutal working conditions. The director-general of the ILO has even officially recommended ending its relationships with all tobacco corporations.

This would not have happened without your action. But we can’t stop now. The rest of the members of the ILO have to vote to sever its relationship with Big Tobacco, and you can bet the industry is lobbying hard to stop this. We must make sure the ILO knows that people around the world support taking bold action.

We’re so close, but the ILO needs to hear from you. Add your voice: Urge members of the International Labour Organization to kick Big Tobacco out on March 14.

Together, we can take on this deadly industry — and win. Together, we can protect public health policies that will save millions of lives.

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