April 12, 2016

Why we love Rep. Gwen Moore

Photo: Rep. Gwen Moore and our longtime ally, Akinbode Oluwafemi of Environmental Rights Action, Nigeria, meeting on the threat of water privatization in Lagos, Nigeria. Photo credit: Jay Mallin.

She’s standing up to the World Bank

Corporate Accountability International, with our members and allies, has made big strides in challenging the World Bank’s violations of the human right to water. And now Wisconsin’s Representative Gwen Moore — a crucial player with strong influence on the World Bank — has taken a bold next step.

Rep. Moore just issued a powerful public letter calling on the World Bank to stop funding and promoting water privatization, pending an independent review and congressional hearings on the glaring conflicts of interest created by its investments in private water corporations.

Despite its mission of eradicating poverty, the World Bank pushes — and profits from — water privatization around the world. This conflict of interest has had devastating consequences for millions of people.

But the U.S. Congress can take a stand: it holds the purse strings when it comes to the U.S. contribution to the World Bank.

That’s why this is a big deal.  Rep. Moore is the Ranking Member of a U.S. House subcommittee with jurisdiction over World Bank affairs — her opinion means a lot to the World Bank. So her release of this letter is a pivotal action.

Blog post by Nathaniel Meyer, former organizer at Corporate Accountability

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