June 14, 2019

People around the world ask governments in Bonn: Which side are you on?

EU, NZ, Australia, USA, Norway: Which side are you on?

On Friday, people all over the globe shared photos of themselves on social media with this image, making clear that the eyes of the world are watching what happens in Bonn. Image: Aneesa Khan, SustainUS.

Today, youth-led organizations from around the globe led a social media action that reached more than 2 million people. People from all over the world took to Twitter with a single, unified message: The eyes of the world are on the U.N. climate talks in Germany—and specifically, on the Global North governments that shill on behalf of Big Polluters to block just climate policy.


These actions are critical to show these governments they can’t block climate justice behind closed doors. As the talks begin on Monday, the call to kick Big Polluters out will be front and center, and these governments will have to choose: people or polluters?

A huge shoutout to our allies at powerhouse youth-led and climate justice organizations like SustainUS (whose co-coordinator Aneesa Khan designed the beautiful graphic for the day), UK Youth Climate Coalition, ENGAJAMUNDO, and many more whose leadership helped make this action a huge success!

Just as importantly: It’s not too late to join in. Will you take action to demand governments kick Big Polluters out? Our toolkit has everything you need.

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If our feline friends can challenge Big Polluters and the Global North governments doing their bidding… you can, too!

This blog post is part of “Polluters out, people in!“–our series of dispatches from the global climate talks in Germany. Read more here.

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