November 13, 2023

Support unions and demand passage of the PRO Act

You and I both know that corporations have too much power. And we also know that the only way to compel those corporations to change their abusive practices is for people to come together and demand that change.

And that isn’t just true for public-pressure campaigns, it’s also true for people who work for large, profit-above-all-else corporations who want better treatment on the job, livable wages, and the healthy, safe working conditions they deserve. But for years, corporations have engaged in aggressive anti-union campaigns. And the politicians that do their bidding have passed misleadingly named ‘right to work’ laws that actually weaken labor unions and collective action in many states.

The U.S. Congress can swing the tide back towards protecting people and workers, rather than corporate profits, by passing the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act.

Add your name and urge Congress to pass the PRO Act now!

The PRO Act is a landmark labor law reform that aims to level the playing field between employers and employees. It empowers workers so they can negotiate better conditions, fair pay, and respect in the workplace.

The PRO Act will strengthen these efforts in several key ways:

  • Facilitate Union Organizing: It will make it easier for workers to form and join unions, a critical factor in negotiating better working conditions.
  • Prevent Employer Interference: Employers will no longer have the ability to interfere in union elections, giving workers a fair chance to organize.
  • Enhance Legal Protections: Workers will have stronger legal protections when they are wrongfully terminated for union activities.
  • Promote Fair Labor Practices: Employers will be held accountable for unfair labor practices, protecting workers from exploitation.

As the labor movement gains momentum, with unions across industries striking for better conditions, fair wages, and respect in the workplace, workers are making significant gains. Add your name now. Sign the petition and support unions by demanding that Congress pass the PRO Act!

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