March 1, 2022

Supporting water justice movements across Africa

Corporations that profit from privatizing water have long targeted Africa as an expansion market—and recently, they’ve been ramping up their privatization efforts around the region.

And following a historic, continent-wide gathering last spring that we helped convene, the Our Water, Our Right Africa Coalition has taken action to move public officials to reject privatization and support well-funded, equitable, and public water systems.

One such campaign is taking place in Cameroon, where a partnership between labor and civil society is challenging water privatization in the country. Led by the African Center for Advocacy and labor union SYNATEEC, organizers spoke to the national media detailing the failures of Cameroon’s previous water privatization scheme.

You make it possible for Corporate Accountability to support this kind of localized—and internationally networked—campaigning.

And as activists and organizers representing African civil society and labor take action, we hope that you’ll continue joining us in supporting these demands!


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