June 22, 2018

Tell the House of Representatives to restore net neutrality

Last year, “Big Cable” corporations like Verizon and Comcast pushed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to pass a rule that ends net neutrality. The new rule lets corporations control which websites and apps you use, where you get your news, and how you listen to music and watch videos on the internet.

But thanks to a massive public outcry, including from Corporate Accountability members like you, we are closer than ever to restoring a fair and open internet. Last month you urged the Senate to restore net neutrality, and it passed 52-47.

Now the bill to restore net neutrality has moved to the House of Representatives and we need all the people power we can bring to bear to get it passed. Write to your member of Congress and tell them to vote yes on restoring net neutrality!

We can’t let corporations take away a free and open internet — a revolutionary medium where the exchange of ideas, democratic participation, and the ability to organize and challenge injustices has flourished.

Big Cable’s army of lobbyists is pushing hard to keep control of the internet, but we have already won a major victory with the Senate voting to overturn the FCC’s rule. Now, we have the support of 170 representatives in the House, and if enough of us contact our representatives, we can get to the 218 votes we need.

It’s going to take all of us making our voices heard and sending a clear and unavoidable message to Congress to get this passed. But together with our allies at Demand Progress, Daily Kos, and 35 other organizations, we can win! Write to your member of Congress now and demand a fair and open internet.

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