February 12, 2018

Stop Trump’s #InfrastructureScam

Capitol Hill

The Trump administration just released its infrastructure plan, and it is a disaster waiting to happen.

Trump’s plan isn’t about fixing ailing water systems, roads, and bridges in communities that need it most. No, this plan could open the floodgates for corporations to privatize the infrastructure and services we all rely upon, like our water systems. It would endanger basic services, threaten our communities and the environment, and enrich corporations at people’s expense.

But you can make sure this disastrous plan doesn’t become a reality. This plan is just a starting point, and Congress will now write and try to pass an infrastructure bill. Tell your members of Congress that Trump’s plan is absolutely unacceptable.

We all need clean, safe water at service rates we can afford. But Trump’s infrastructure plan threatens this most basic of human rights.

When corporations control water systems for profit, people pay the price. Water privatization all too often leads to rate hikes, labor abuses, and corner cutting that jeopardizes people’s health and safety. Meanwhile, our infrastructure can fall even further into disrepair, because corporations’ investments are first and foremost designed to benefit shareholders, not communities.

Trump’s plan has corporate fingerprints all over it. It’s the private water industry’s wish list come true. And it even limits critical legal pathways for communities to stop dangerous projects, like pipelines, in their own backyards.

Don’t let Trump put our water and our communities at risk for the sake of corporate bottom lines.

Write to your members of Congress and tell them to reject Trump’s infrastructure plan, or any bill that threatens people’s access to safe water at service rates they can afford.

Trump may have the backing of corporations and the wealthy few, but it is up to Congress to write and pass the final infrastructure bill. Tell your members of Congress to put people first and say no to privatizing infrastructure.

Photo credit: Jomar Thomas

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