January 26, 2018

Trump’s state of the union

In a few days, Donald Trump will deliver the State of the Union address. And while you and I listen with dread, wondering what Trump will do next, a handful of corporate executives and billionaires will raise a toast.

In the last year, Trump’s administration has expanded and entrenched corporate power in unprecedented ways. He’s put CEOs and corporate cronies in charge of the very agencies meant to protect the public from corporate greed. He’s helped Big Polluters undermine climate policy. He’s advanced racist and xenophobic policies to benefit the private prison industry. It’s clear: Every day, the Trump administration puts corporate profits ahead of people’s safety and security.

Of course, he won’t admit it in his State of the Union address — but you and I know better: The policies Trump promotes are written of, by, and for big corporations.

Now is the time to take a stand against corporate power. Donate and join our community standing up for a just future.

Corporations are running amok under Trump. You can help rein them in.

There’s no doubt the past year has been difficult. But when we stand together, we can win. Despite the Trump administration’s attempts to abuse human rights, you have stepped up to advance justice time and again. You helped stop Andrew Puzder, a fast food CEO complicit in systematic labor violations, from becoming the Secretary of Labor. You stood with communities like Pittsburgh to protect their public water from privatization. You are sparking a global movement to ensure Big Polluters stop derailing the U.N. climate talks.

And you can make sure we keep moving justice forward. Give now to power this movement!

Your support has never been more critical. The Trump administration rammed through a devastating tax bill that gives billions of dollars to corporations at the expense of people like you and me. And the reckless policies he’ll push during his State of the Union address stand to devastate more lives just to benefit his corporate cronies.

The time is now to stand against the racism, greed, and unbridled corporate power that Trump has unleashed.

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