November 30, 2020

We still don’t have water amidst a pandemic

It has been more than six years since the Flint water crisis made national news — and still, we don’t have clean and affordable water.

My community in Flint, Michigan is still dealing with the long-term, chronic health effects of lead, bacteria, and other chemicals in our water, in addition to the trauma that this crisis has spurred and the financial burden of paying some of the highest rates in the U.S. for poisoned water. We still have to line up daily to receive bottled water to drink, cook, and clean with — but supplies are very limited, so many people are having to choose between food or medication and bottled water.

For over five years, I’ve worked with Flint Rising. We are a movement demanding that the Michigan legislature replace all damaged service lines, reimburse all water bills back to April of 2014, and fund long-term health and education services for people in Flint. And as COVID-19 spread through our community, we organized our friends and neighbors to make sure everyone was able to get safe and clean water that is so critical to staying healthy.

But we can’t do it without your support. That’s why I’m asking you to give to our joint #GivingTuesday campaign before the deadline of midnight on December 1. Your gift for water justice will be quadrupled by a generous donor and go towards our continued fight for justice in Flint, Michigan. And what’s more, half of your gift will go towards supporting Flint Rising and the other half will go towards powering Corporate Accountability’s worldwide campaign for the human right to water. So will you chip in and support us today?

Over the last few years, I’ve been proud to work closely with Corporate Accountability. Together, we’ve elevated the Flint water crisis to the national spotlight. We’ve traveled around the globe to share our stories and demand clean and affordable water for all people. And we’ve strengthened a powerful movement for water justice in Flint and beyond.

I’m excited to partner with Corporate Accountability again this year for a joint #GivingTuesday campaign to raise the funds we need to keep our movement strong in Flint. Donate now and your gift will be matched by a generous donor who will quadruple each dollar raised.

Your generosity will help power the campaign for the human right to water in Flint and beyond. Thank you for your commitment to clean, safe water at rates all people can afford — and for standing in solidarity with Flint.

Corporate Accountability
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