February 1, 2021

You are the strength of our movement.

Like so many Corporate Accountability members like you, I watched the inauguration ceremony finally marking the peaceful transfer of power on January 20 filled with a swirl of emotion. I was relieved that it all happened without violence, while still angry and grieving the violence committed by white nationalists that was spurred by the rhetoric of the former president just two weeks before.

I felt great joy knowing that this moment was made possible by the brilliant organizing led by Black women, Indigenous communities, and other organizers and voters of color. And in my chest, a flame of hope burned steadily, fueled by a renewed commitment to the work ahead.

Today, I feel both the grave weight and inspired truth of just how crucial Corporate Accountability’s organizing is, especially in this moment.

The last four years have been a field day for abusive corporations and industries that have benefited greatly from the policies of the past administration. But although we have new leaders in the White House and Congress, that alone will not be enough to create lasting change.

The systematically racist and brutally extractive systems that allow corporations to operate with impunity did not begin with the Trump administration, nor will they end under the Biden administration. And while the toxic influence of transnational corporations might sometimes seem unbeatable, we’ve seen time and time again that it isn’t. That’s because organizing, in deep partnership and relationship, can make what seems impossible, possible. And we are not doing any of this work on our own.

We’re doing it in collaboration with allies from across the country who are calling on the new administration to end electricity, water, and broadband shut-offs during the pandemic — and after.

We’re doing it in relationship with communities in the Gulf Coast, who are advancing the Gulf South for a Green New Deal.

And we’re doing it in partnership with people like you, who are the strength of the movement. Here’s a look at all the things you’ve made possible in January.


Earlier this month, Michigan’s attorney general announced charges against former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder for his role in the poisoning of Flint residents. The two charges, which carry a maximum sentence of one year in jail and a fine of up to $1000 each, are an insult to Flint residents and amount to little more than a slap on the wrist. True accountability and justice must be served to the people of Flint, who are still living through the water crisis. That starts with holding Snyder and others fully accountable and heeding community demands. Read our full statement on the news from Flint.


The attacks in Washington, DC on January 6th were incited by Donald Trump, numerous members of Congress, and networks of white supremacist and far-right organizations who spread misinformation and conspiracy theories about the election, stoked racial division, and had their rhetoric taken as inspiration for violence. Their actions were enabled by corporations like Amazon, the Blackstone Group, Fidelity, and Google that have provided fascist politicians and organizations money and a platform. Join our partner ACRE and demand that these corporations stop funding and platforming white supremacy.


Thanks to your actions, and the incredible organizing of partners and advocates around the world, Coca-Cola has decided to terminate its membership with the problematic International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) as of January. ILSI, a shady industry front group that has interfered in nutrition and public health policymaking on behalf of massive corporations for decades, was founded by a former Coca-Cola executive. So this move shows how exposed and isolated ILSI continues to be for its toxic activities. While Coca-Cola has left, many larger corporations still support and leverage ILSI. Add your name and demand that the likes of PepsiCo, Kellogg’s, and Cargill cut ties with ILSI now.


Donald Trump has been impeached for inciting an attack at the country’s Capitol — the first president in U.S. history to be impeached twice. The Senate will hold an impeachment trial. And even though Trump is already out of office, it could still have the effect of preventing him from running for president again. Enough is enough. Trump’s rhetoric is dangerous — we must ensure he never holds public office again! Sign and send a petition to the U.S. Senate: Convict Trump and disqualify him from holding future office.

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