December 21, 2018

Victory! You power forward global movement to kick Big Polluters out

Things came to a head in a whole new way at this year’s U.N. climate treaty negotiations in Poland. Big Polluters were forced to reckon with a powerful movement they did not expect: the more than a quarter of a million people like you and more than 350 organizations from 129 countries who backed the People’s Demands for Climate Justice.

The People’s Demands, a global roadmap for climate progress led by communities most affected by climate change, include keeping fossil fuels in the ground and kicking Big Polluters out. And they were front and center at the talks: from an indigenous and frontline community-led action to shut down the U.S. government’s coal sideshow, to a massive sit-in on the last day, to hard- hitting media coverage in CNN, The Nation, and outlets around the world.

Make no mistake: The meetings failed to deliver the bold guidelines for climate justice the world urgently requires. But the global climate justice movement is cracking the corporate stranglehold over the treaty.

With you by our side, that movement is more united than ever. We’ll look back at the climate talks as a tipping point for climate justice. Read more about what you helped make happen at the climate talks, and what’s next.

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