January 16, 2019

STATEMENT: Plastics, polluting industries announce greenwashing scheme

Today, many of the world’s largest polluters and plastics producers announced a coalition to reduce plastic waste.

The coalition, made up of Veolia, Suez, Shell, Chevron, Dow, Exxon and others, consists of corporations that have driven public health crises, carried out untold human rights and environmental abuses, and profited heavily from plastic production.

In the last year, corporations have made several $1 billion voluntary pledges attempting to present themselves as a solution to the very problems they drive: Philip Morris International is funding a nearly $1 billion foundation that claims to reduce smoking and the fossil fuel industry’s biggest emitters pledging to invest $1 billion in energy ventures claiming to reduce oil and gas emissions.

Please see below for Corporate Accountability Deputy Director: Campaigns Gigi Kellett’s statement:

“This is the latest greenwashing ploy driven by abusive corporations. For decades, these corporations have profited immensely from making and creating unnecessary demand for plastics — while lobbying to block policies that would actually reduce waste and pollution.

The best way to protect our environment is for these corporations to stop blocking real solutions proven to address this crisis at the source — not corporate-backed dangerous schemes that pad profits.”

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