May 1, 2019

Statement: PMI’s track record of violating the law

Statement prepared by Jaime Arcila, senior researcher at Corporate Accountability, to be delivered at the Philip Morris International Shareholders’ Meeting on May 1, 2019 by Ann-Michelle Roberts.

Good morning, My name is Ann-Michelle Roberts.

I’m here speaking on behalf of Jaime Arcila a tobacco control advocate in Colombia.

Philip Morris International has a long track record of violating the law. This year was no different.

In India, an investigation by Reuters revealed that Philip Morris International paid for India manufacturing despite a ban on foreign investment — a measure meant to curb smoking. This has led to investigations into your corporation and Godfrey Philips for the alleged violation of the law.

In the UK, Philip Morris International supplied newsagents across Britain with window posters promoting iQOS. Those posters were in breach of a strict long-standing ban on advertising tobacco and tobacco-related products.

In Colombia, your corporation continues to promote its products through kiosks that violate national laws. Also In Colombia, where all forms of tobacco advertising are prohibited, your corporation aggressively promotes new tobacco products such as IQOS and its Heets brand to youth, even while Colombian citizens have publicly denounced Philip  Morris International’s actions. From 2017 & 2019 we have photo evidence of iQOS booths selling and advertising products throughout Colombia.

This paints a picture of what could be seen as the true intentions of a corporation responsible not only for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Latin Americans but also, responsible for breaking the law and blatantly lying to the public.

So our question for you, Mr. Camilleri is: How can you credibly claim that Philip Morris International wants a “smoke-free world”, publicly declare “the year of unsmoke”, when the evidence shows that it continues to aggressively market tobacco products in countries like Colombia?”

Credit: Estéreo Picnic 2019, EducarConsumidores.

Credit: Estéreo Picnic 2017, Veeduría Control Tabaco.

Credit: Estéreo Picnic 2017, DYN Medios publicitarios.

Credit: Estéreo Picnic 2017, DYN Medios publicitarios.


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