December 14, 2021

Statement: Veolia’s takeover of Suez threatens human right to water globally

Statement from Corporate Accountability Director of Water Research, Neil Gupta:

“The most historic thing about this deal is that it is a historic threat to the human right to water.

Veolia’s takeover of Suez comes even closer to reality following the dangerous decision by European regulators today. To allow the biggest consolidation of corporate control over water in well over a decade to proceed flies in the face of what communities around the world are demanding: An end to water privatization. From Flint, Michigan to Libreville, Gabon to the halls of the United Nations, the abusive track record of this industry has been made clear time and again.

This makes the work of the water justice movement ever more urgent, with people continuing to stand together to demand their human right to water be protected from the insatiable drive for corporate profits.”

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