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FY 2022


You expose Big Polluters’ schemes

Because they can no longer deny their responsibility for the climate crisis, Big Polluters are increasingly pretending they are part of the solution. But you’re not having any of it. Together with our global allies and with your support, we have ensured that Big Polluters can no longer offer empty “net zero” pledges and get away with it. From the U.N. to The New York Times, they’re being challenged for their greenwashing schemes. And we’re advancing exciting local and international progress in making them pay and kicking them out of climate policy.



Shifting what’s possible at the climate talks 

Since the beginning of the U.N. climate treaty talks, Big Polluters have always found a way to be at the table. But together, with our allies and you, we are advancing demands to kick them out and make them pay, and making space for real solutions.

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Ally profile

Andrea Echeverri: Climate justice organizer

Andrea Echeverri has dedicated her life to working on climate and environmental justice, and she quotes Colombian environmentalist Patricia Noguera when explaining why: “I believe that getting involved with this work is about the re-enchantment of the world.”

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