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You are part of a global community organizing for transformative change

The Corporate Accountability community stretches around the globe, bringing together a vibrant, diverse group of people who have at least one thing in common: They are all committed to the bold and strategic organizing needed to hold transnational corporations accountable. Browse the links below to learn more about organizers we work with and members who invest their time and resources to challenge corporate power. And learn what motivates our staff and board to do this work every day.

The stranglehold corporate power has on democracy is flagrant. We need nothing less than the curtailment of corporations’ influence on government. Corporate Accountability is a leader of this work. I am inspired to support them with a multi-year gift to ensure that they can do the tenacious, strategic, and fearless global action required to redirect political and economic power.

Jennifer Stanley | Corporate Accountability Member

While transnational corporations have almost unlimited resources to shape public opinion in their favor, we have the truth—and the truth always wins. Our joint campaigning with Corporate Accountability toward truth and justice, including through exposing corporate abuses in the media, is shifting the conversation and opening up possibilities for change.

Philip Jakpor | Director of Programmes, Corporate Accountability and Public Participation Africa (CAPPA)

Corporate Accountability builds power for climate justice through reciprocal relationships with people and movements on the front lines of the climate crisis. They show up to raise funds for, organize side-by-side with, and strategize together with organizations around the world. By challenging corporate power, they help to open up necessary avenues for transformative change.

Elizabeth Cook | Corporate Accountability Member

In my eight years at Corporate Accountability, I’ve seen firsthand what it means to speak truth to power and achieve lasting change through strategic corporate campaigning. With incredible partners from CAPPA in Lagos to Flint Rising in Michigan, I’m proud to take water privatizers head on in this movement for a world where everyone’s fundamental human right to water is fulfilled.

Neil Gupta | Water Campaign Director

Corporate Accountability is doing the work of social and racial justice internally. The results are clear: We’re shifting organizational culture and waging even smarter, more effective campaigns. I’m so proud to support this transformative work as a board member and donor.

Martha Newell | Board Member


We’re building and deepening our relationships with some of the world’s most powerful organizers, experts, and social justice warriors.

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Member power

Members like you share energy, time, and resources, powering this work toward a collective vision of a world rooted in love and built on justice.

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Corporate Accountability’s staff, team, and board members bring our passion for justice and our dedication to corporate campaigning to our work each day.

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