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FY 2022


A galaxy of allies

Across all our campaign areas, we continued to build and deepen our relationships with some of the world’s most powerful organizers, experts, and social justice warriors—most from and representing communities on the front lines of corporate abuse. These are just a few of the allies we work with and are advised by—from local to global levels. And we are proud to be an integral part of many coalitions featured in the graphic below.

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Collaboration, coalition work, and deep partnerships bring power

We prioritize building and deepening our relationships with allies across the U.S. and around the world, because the challenges that confront us are too massive and entrenched for one organization to tackle alone.

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Ally profile

Andrea Echeverri: Climate justice organizer

Andrea Echeverri has dedicated her life to working on climate and environmental justice, and she quotes Colombian environmentalist Patricia Noguera when explaining why: “I believe that getting involved with this work is about the re-enchantment of the world.”

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Ally profile

Fatou Diouf: Water justice organizer

For Fatou Diouf, who lives under a privatized water system in Dakar, Senegal, the human right to water isn’t just about having enough water to drink. Water also plays an integral role in bringing communities together.

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