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FY 2022

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From taking action to making donations, YOU power this work!

Corporate Accountability has always been powered by individual donors like you who believe in the ability of the people to hold corporations accountable and take back our power. Members help us go deep to go far. You give your time, money, and energy to advance your vision of a world where corporations answer to people and not the other way around—toward racial, gender, and economic justice and a world built on love, not fear.

Today, 85% of our funding comes from individuals, which means you give us the political independence to strategize for the long term while meeting the moment with bold and strategic action. And with the backing of hundreds of thousands of people, we have what it takes to effectively challenge some of the most powerful entities in the world. Here are just a few ways you fueled our impact this year.


Members campaign to Make Big Polluters Pay

When individuals team up to join forces locally, and then connect that work to global actions, the results can ripple outward into a powerful whole.

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Member profile

Member power: Erika Leaf

A few years ago, Erika Leaf’s adult daughter asked her to double down on her giving to address the climate crisis. The future “looked like a hellscape to her,” says Erika. And she wanted her mother to be part of mitigating this crisis through her giving.

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