Portrait of Dan Crawford. Dan has white skin and hair and glasses. He wears a navy blue sweater, stands in front of pine trees, and smiles.
Member spotlight August 10, 2023

Corporate Accountability supporter Dan Crawford on strategic campaigning and how music can help us connect, heal, and overcome our fears.

Portrait of Hannah LaBaron, who has light skin and brown hair, wears a reddish, pink shirt and smiles at the camera.

The work for justice will always be a uphill battle, and we'll always keep going, says activist Hannah LeBaron. More on what sustains her in this fight.

Frances Moore Lappé, best-selling author, just released the 50th anniversary edition of “Diet for a Small Planet.”

Andy Bartholomew
Member spotlight December 15, 2021

We sat down with Andy Bartholomew, software engineer based in L.A., to chat about what brings him to the movement to stop corporate abuse.

Sayre Sheldon
Member spotlight September 12, 2021

Sayre is a human rights activist, philanthropic partner, and longtime supporter of Corporate Accountability.

Jessie Bluedorn corporate accountability member and activist
Member spotlight November 6, 2019

Member and activist Jessie Bluedorn on what motivates her about Corporate Accountability's climate work.