You are a bright light in a hard year

Annual Report Cover FY2020 Corporate Accountability, illustration by Kah Yangni

I was recently asked who I’m grateful for this year. And as I looked back over the last year — with all its hardships, challenges, and loss — what shone brightly in my mind are all the people who took action toward creating a better world.

I’m especially grateful for you: for all the ways you partnered with and supported Corporate Accountability with your time, energy, and money. And I’m grateful for all our staff, our board, and our allies who showed up every day, sometimes in difficult conditions, to challenge corporate power and racism and to lift up solutions that serve all people.

I’m thrilled to share that you can read about what you made possible this year in our Annual Report FY20.

I’m grateful for how you helped make a huge impact on the world’s biggest water privatizer. For how you are building the demand to make Big Polluters pay for their role in the climate crisis. For how you showed up to challenge a shadowy industry group advancing Big Food’s harmful agenda. And so much more.

Thank you for being a bright light in a challenging year. I hope you feel as proud of our work together as I do.

Illustration by: Kah Yangni

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