Announcing the Challenge Corporate Power Match Campaign

Corporate Accountability organizer holds sign that reads "Challenge Corporate Power

For too long, we have lived under deeply racist and exploitative systems that prioritize corporate profits over people’s well-being.

These systems have enabled and even encouraged corporations to destroy the planet and harm countless lives and livelihoods – with the brunt of this abuse landing on people of color, including people of the Global South and low-income communities.

Now, people all across the world are seeing the connections between corporate greed and the existential threat of the converging crises we collectively face. Our current systems are unsustainable and destructive – and more and more people are coming together to demand transformational change.

As a Corporate Accountability supporter, I know you care deeply about ending corporate abuse. Because of you, we have been able to take big strides forward in our work of challenging corporate power.

And right now, we have an opportunity to do even more. Thanks to a generous donor who shares your commitment to challenging corporate power, all gifts made between now and December 31 will be doubled, dollar-for-dollar, up to $100,000.

Even through a difficult year, we are going toe-to-toe with some of the largest, most abusive, and wealthiest corporations on the planet. And when we come together as a community, united, we have the power to take them on — and win.

Our campaigns build on a strong foundation of success to demand justice for people and the planet. Right now, the best way to help rein in corporate power is to double your impact with a gift today. And with people like you demanding the systemic changes we need, we have the potential to advance justice worldwide.

People like you are a critical part of this movement. Through your contributions, you are helping to secure critical victories that shift power from corporations to people. You are changing the fundamental imbalance of power in our society, and I am personally so thankful for your partnership and support.

Your doubled contribution will power campaigns that compel corporations and the governments doing their bidding to stop trampling human rights, devastating democracy, and destroying our planet.

Don’t miss this tremendous opportunity. Make your gift to the 2020 Challenge Corporate Power Match Campaign and it will be DOUBLED today.

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