December 2, 2019

I still don’t have safe water

Sign reading Flint Lives Matter

In my hometown of Flint, Michigan, there is an entire generation of children who have never taken a bath. My friends and neighbors still develop skin rashes and see their hair fall out when they wash their hands or bathe in our lead-poisoned water. For years, they’ve been dealing with the chronic health effects of lead in our water, the trauma that water crises have spurred, and the financial burden of paying for poisoned water.

Flint Rising, the organization I lead, grew out of this crisis. Since we began, we have built a movement demanding that the Michigan legislature replace all damaged services lines, reimburse all water bills back to April of 2014, and fund long-term health and education services for people in Flint.

But we can’t do it without a broad base of support, and the resources it takes to build this movement in Flint. And that’s why I’m asking you to give to our joint #GivingTuesday fundraiser before the deadline of midnight on December 3. Your gift for water justice will be quadrupled by a generous donor! That means your gift of $10 becomes $40. Half of it will go to increase the ability for my team to win in Flint, and the other half will power Corporate Accountability’s global campaign challenging corporate control of water in Michigan, Lagos, and around the world.

Over the last few years, I’ve been proud to partner with Corporate Accountability.

Together, we’ve helped elevate the Flint water crisis to the national agenda. We’ve traveled around the globe, from Washington to Pittsburgh to Lagos, Nigeria, to share our stories and demand clean, and affordable water for all. And we’ve strengthened a powerful movement for water justice in Flint and beyond.

And I’m proud to partner with Corporate Accountability this year for a joint Giving Tuesday campaign to raise the funds we need to keep demanding justice in Flint. Donate now, and your gift will be matched by a generous donor who will quadruple each dollar raised. Half of the funds raised will come to Flint Rising to advance our campaign demanding justice for the people in Flint, and half will go to Corporate Accountability’s global campaign for the human right to water.

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