November 21, 2018

Thank you for giving us hope!

Your courage, vision, and determination stand out brightly as I reflect back on all that has happened in 2018. This year, people across the globe came together in unprecedented ways to challenge power — corporate power, the patriarchy, systemic racism — to build a better world, together.

And every day, what keeps us going here at Corporate Accountability is YOU.

Every day, we are inspired by your commitment to building a world where corporations answer to people and not the other way around. This year, the corporate accountability movement accomplished great things, even in the face of the Trump administration’s relentless and continued corporate takeover of government:

Each of these victories and many more were only possible because of the support and action of members like you. You give us hope, you embolden us, and you bring more and more people together to build this movement for transformative change.


P.S. I love mashed potatoes, but if you’re looking for an alternative, here’s my favorite non-mashed potato recipe. Delicious, easy, and beautiful!

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