Which corporation is the worst?

Under the Trump administration, corporations have seized even greater opportunities to profit at people’s expense. Former executives, bent on scrapping lifesaving protections and services for the sake of boosting corporate profits, are running entire government agencies.

That makes the campaigns we wage to hold corporations accountable even more critical. So I’m pleased to announce that voting is now open in this year’s Corporate Hall of Shame.

By casting your ballot in the Corporate Hall of Shame, you are taking the first step toward holding some of the most abusive corporations accountable for profiting at the expense of people’s lives.

Your vote is powerful because it helps confront corporations that are exploiting communities, poisoning our environment, and undermining democracy to make a profit. Your votes will expose abusive corporations for what they truly are. And together, we will mobilize grassroots action to rein them in.

Make your voice heard — vote right now in the Corporate Hall of Shame.

Corporate Accountability confronts executives at shareholders’ meetings and challenges the politicians doing their bidding on Capitol Hill. We expose abuses in major media outlets. And we run local and international campaigns that force abusive corporations to change their destructive practices.

It’s your voice that makes this work powerful. Vote for the MOST ABUSIVE corporation now.

This year, several nominees to the Corporate Hall of Shame are massive corporations you’ve likely heard of: ExxonMobil, Goldman Sachs, Nestlé, and Shell.

The ballot also includes corporations that have snuck under the radar. Corporations like GEO Group, nominated for running private prisons and detention centers that profit disproporionally at the expense of people of color and immigrants while spending millions on lobbying and elections to advance its agenda. And Beretta for profiting richly from gun manufacturing — and funding the NRA and its obstruction of popular, common sense gun safety measures.

All of these corporations have vast power and resources. But they’re no match for tens of thousands of people standing together! Vote now.

When you’re with us, we can stand up to these global corporations that abuse our health, our environment, and our democracy.

Vote today and you can help induct the worst of the worst into the Corporate Hall of Shame — and then hold them accountable. Vote now!

Your support will help ensure that people’s lives and rights come before corporate profit — by exposing and challenging egregious corporate abuse. Your ballot will help us identify the corporations that need to be held accountable — now.

Thanks for all you do.

Corporate Accountability
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