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FY 2022

Movement Building

You help build movement power

From exposing Wells Fargo’s long and malicious history of exploiting Black communities, to distributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to allies around the world, our movement power program is growing. We are building grassroots power with organizations across the globe that are campaigning to hold corporations accountable to people. The Black Collective, a group of Black staff at Corporate Accountability, emerged from the movement power program. It is leading external projects and campaigns partnering with U.S. Black-led allies in the focus areas of reparations, education, and police violence in the U.S.



Making the links between corporate power and reparations

During Juneteenth, the Black Collective joined the decades-long movement to demand reparations to address the past and present harms of slavery and white supremacy, and brought the lens of corporate abuse to the issue.

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How corporations will exploit Black History Month — and how you can resist it

The success and profit of transnational corporations cannot be separated from systemic, historic, and specifically anti-Black, racism. And despite their attempts to “Blackwash” their reputations, these corporations have continued to exacerbate racial and economic injustices, and perpetuate the racist systems they benefit from.

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