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FY 2022

Grant Making

Collaboration, coalition work, and deep partnerships bring power

We prioritize building and deepening our relationships with allies across the U.S. and around the world, because the challenges that confront us are too massive and entrenched for one organization to tackle alone. From shared strategic planning to resource redistribution to side-by-side campaigning, we are truly in it together.

Our newly formalized grant-making program is helping move funds to the broader corporate accountability movement. As part of our strategy to advance change and build deeper power and solidarity, we are leveraging the power and resources that we have access to in the Global North and directing them to our collaborators and leaders on the front-lines. Through this program, we aim to establish mutual flows of resources, reciprocity, and wisdom-sharing that strengthens us all. The better funded and more connected our movements are, the more impact we will all have together. And by connecting donors like you to our allies across the movement, we are joyfully leaning into radical abundance.

Corporate Accountability
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