A note from Executive Director Patti Lynn

Dear friend,

With profound gratitude for this community, I am sharing the news that by the end of 2024 I will transition from the role of executive director at Corporate Accountability. But I won’t be leaving the organization; rather, I’m returning to do what I love most: organize and fundraise for Corporate Accountability.

By then, I will have been the executive director for seven years, and I’m confident this is the right time to initiate a new chapter for the organization and make space for new leadership.

It’s been an honor to shepherd the organization through transformative times. I’ve learned so much working with people across our community. Together, we’ve ensured the organization shows up in alignment with our values as we advance the work of corporate accountability and justice.

As I leave this role, Corporate Accountability is in a strong financial position. We are powered by thousands of people across the country who have helped us establish a stable financial reserve fund and an annual budget of more than $8 million. And our multi-racial, multicultural global team of staff and board is waging powerful campaigns to successfully challenge abusive corporations.

I’m particularly proud to have led Corporate Accountability in rallying resources behind the vision and campaigns of Global South organizers. We continue to find new and better ways to campaign as a global organization, including with our sister organization in Lagos, Nigeria, Corporate Accountability and Public Participation Africa (CAPPA). And, I’m inspired by how, during my tenure, Black staff developed the Black Collective to create space for Black leadership and challenge the systemic racism that fuels corporate power.

These are just two examples of how Corporate Accountability is a “leaderful” organization. Our culture encourages people to step into their power and lead from where they are. So I have full confidence in the success of the coming transition under the guidance of the board, the leadership transition committee, and our consultant, Strategies for Social Change.

My time in this role has only strengthened my belief in the power of organizing. I have witnessed how it is a powerful antidote to authoritarianism. I feel blessed to have been able to help build people-power, develop meaningful relationships, and seek and create opportunities for joy, connection, and resilience. This organization plays a critical role in creating the world we need, and we are ready to meet the challenges ahead.

As I think back on my time as executive director, I am most inspired by the people. I suppose that’s the organizer in me. In the end, Corporate Accountability is powerful because of those who make it up—the amazing staff, board, members, and organizers and activists we partner with. I’m grateful for each of you: smart, fierce, powerful people who have been my partners in this work, who challenge me, and who helped me become the leader that I am. And I know this community will help us find the next leadership to usher in a new phase of this work.

I have never been one to follow a linear path, nor has this organization. So it feels exactly right to be moving into a role where I can do even more direct organizing and fundraising to power our mission. Together, we are helping to build a world that is more just, one where all beings on this planet can flourish. I look forward to connecting with you again soon.

Patti Lynn
Executive Director

Read the announcement from Board Chair Akinbode Oluwafemi.

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