A group of six people stand together in the halls outside of a Houston City Council meeting, and smile at the camera.

The power of grassroots activism: How organizers stopped a major privatization threat in its tracks in Houston.

: Ari Rubenstein, a young white organizer with Corporate Accountability, holds a sign that says “National Parks Think Outside the Bottle.” He is high above the scenic background behind him--blue sky, ocean, and trees.

Long-term campaigning to challenge corporations works! We’re celebrating a string of victories challenging the bottled water industry’s abuses. This is what it looks like to build a movement to protect life-giving water from corporate greed.

A person holds up a sign "against fossil fuels" during Climate Week in New York City.

After years of pressure from frontline communities across the state, the California AG takes a crucial step to make Big Polluters pay.

Today in the start of the Anti-Chevron week of action. Here’s how you can get involved!

The Canadian government has rejected PMI's attempt to buy its way back into public health policymaking.

A blue, circular pond holds illustrations that represent the movement for water justice, including: water pouring out of a tap and into a cup, a group of people carrying protest signs, a newspaper with a headline exposing a corporation’s role in the Flint water crisis, people sitting around a table and strategizing, and a hand signing petition that reads “Water 4 all!”

With our allies, we ensure privatization schemes are kept out of the U.S. infrastructure bill, expanding access to clean water.