The Canadian government has rejected PMI's attempt to buy its way back into public health policymaking.

With our allies, we ensure privatization schemes are kept out of the U.S. infrastructure bill, expanding access to clean water.

Organizers protest Coca-Cola’s marketing practices and political influence outside of the corporation’s headquarters.

Thanks to your action, Coca-Cola has announced that it will officially terminate ties with prominent food and soda industry front group, ILSI.

Illustration for Make Big Polluters Pay. Credit Merlina Anunnaki

The Liability Roadmap is a tool that enables coordinated action to hold Big Polluters liable for their role in fueling the climate crisis.

Big Polluters unleashed the full weight of the U.S. and other Global North governments at the latest U.N. climate talks. But their bullying didn’t work, as the climate justice movement became a united force to be reckoned within. Read on.

Pittsburgh has joined the ranks of cities and towns who are leading the way when it comes to advancing the human right to water. Following three years of local and national campaigning to keep Pittsburgh’s water system in public hands, the city and the water authority signed a binding agreement to do just that.