Michél Legendre, climate organizer at Corporate Accountability on California's lawsuit against the fossil fuel industry.

Rachel Rose Jackson on a UNFCCC Bonn panel organized by the Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice. She speaks into a microphone with a computer in front of her.

Rachel Rose Jackson, Corporate Accountability Director of Climate Research & Policy, speaking on a press conference from the Global Campaign ...

In keeping with the World No Tobacco Day’s theme, “we need food, not tobacco,” a new Corporate Accountability analysis examines the further costs of tobacco production. Among its findings, tobacco cultivation diverts enough land to feed 40,000 people in but one major market for the deadly industry.

Nathalie Rengifo Alvarez speaks directly to executives and shareholders at McDonald's annual meeting, demanding full political disclosure.

Organizers from around the world speak truth to power at Philip Morris International's annual shareholders' meeting.

Alejandra Parra of the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives speaks out against PepsiCo's plastic pollution at annual shareholders' meeting.