Buyers span industries, include range of household names like Disney, Delta, Exxon, Gucci, and Nestlé.

New analysis finds some of the fossil fuel industry’s most vocal surrogates for climate denial and propaganda are well-represented at COP28.

A heap of plastic drink bottles and soda cans.

Relatório revela que os gigantes de alimentos e bebidas empregam uma rede de iniciativas de RSE com pouca responsabilização que ...

Report finds food and beverage giants employ a web of CSR initiatives with little accountability that could slow global progress on plastic pollution, water access, and sustainable agriculture

U.N. negotiation room, with a hundred wooden chairs set up in a circle, people facing inward, and a few attendees seated by their computers and microphones.

Civil society stops the chair's attempts to halt all progress on the TNC treaty, a tool meant to hold corporations accountable for its harms.

Original article by Michael R. Blood for the Associated Press LOS ANGELES (AP) — The state of California filed a ...