“Until the UNFCCC adopts strong safeguards against these corporate sponsorships, the flooding of the space with fossil fuel lobbyists, industry propaganda, and the annual greenwashing extravaganza around such COPs, the progress inside will be deeply limited, highly coopted, and dangerously absent.”

The number of delegates with links to fossil fuels at the UN climate summit has jumped 25% from the last meeting, analysis shared with the BBC shows.

The US government has unveiled a new voluntary carbon trading market scheme with the aim of boosting private investment in clean energy projects in developing countries.

Coca-Cola announces its sponsorship of the United Nations climate conference in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Original article by Corinne Gretler appeared on Bloomberg.   Medicago Inc.’s Covid-19 vaccine is poised to become the first western ...

As we move forward from the U.N. Food Systems Summit, a robust corporate accountability framework for global food policy is critical.