Two women, stand in front of a group of activists and lead a protest chant. They raise their fists in the air, channeling their energy and passion for climate justice.
Newsletters and special updates February 23, 2023

The latest updates for our campaigning to challenge corporate abuse.

Two fists and colorful flowers emerge from a petition paper that's secured to a clipboard. An pencil-drawn outline of a person looks in the same forward direction as where the fists and pointed.
Newsletters and special updates January 24, 2023

The movement for corporate accountability needs all of us. Powerful reflections from Recruitment Director Carolina Santamaria.

Cover image of the FY22 Corporate Accountability annual report -- people celebrating the earth and organizing for a better world.
Annual reports November 15, 2022

Corporate Accountability is building a world that puts people -- not corporations -- first. Download the 2022 annual report to learn more.

Cover artwork for "Conflicted Beyond Credibility" report, showing
Reports November 8, 2022

Algunas de las más destacadas iniciativas mundiales de "Cero Neto" tienen vínculos profundos y preocupantes con los mayores contaminadores del mundo, según un nuevo análisis de Corporate Accountability, Amigos de la Tierra Internacional (FOEI) y Coalición Mundial por los Bosques (GFC).