Action toolkitsFactsheets February 12, 2024
The Black Collective

There is no end to corporate abuse without racial justice. Learn more about how the Black Collective team is deepening our commitment to Black-led, liberatory movements and creating a culture of equity at Corporate Accountability.

United Nations in Geneva on a cloudy day, flags stretch out across the bright green lawn.
Factsheets October 23, 2023

Social movements are demanding a treaty that holds corporations accountable for abuse across the globe. Here's how we get there.

An upright fist surrounded by a circle of people holding hands. All of the figures are orange.

The better funded and more connected our movements are, the more impact we will all have. Learn more about the Movement Solidarity Fund.

Senior Latin America Policy Organizer Daniel Dorado speaking on Article 19.
Factsheets October 2, 2023

Learn more about Article 19's lifesaving potential and recommendations for Parties to advance implementation at COP10. 

Factsheets October 2, 2023

Together, we can help protect the negotiations from industry influence. Learn steps that parties can before and during COP10 and MOP3. 

Factsheets September 12, 2023
The Black CollectiveDemocracy

Our movement work seeks to support, elevate, and connect campaigns around the world challenging corporate power. Learn about our approach.